End of September I set off for a big tour … something like 4000 kms … It was a mixture of work and fun .

CO13 001

Getting started …. The car was packed and the parrot was holding on inside her cage.

First week I spent in Austria in a beautiful place full of fresh air and green grass at the foot of the divine Alps …

Elke Riedmann ... The clown

Elke Riedmann … The clown

Elke Riedmann the clown I have been working with this year … Her show is called “Brenda in Himmel” and is the follow up of a show I had conceived 20 years ago for another Lady Clown Rosemie Warth . Elke took it up and played her version of Brenda Feuerle , the life and death of a forewoman in a theater “Treuer wie Feuer ” …. It is unusual to be able to write the next episode of a live show …
Further down the road … Mountains ….CO16 002

and thisC017 001 A fantastic shinning lac under a full sun ..

Oh I almost forgot this :co11 001my clown workshop …Funny isn’t it . I assure you they all had red noses on …

Now we all hop back into the car and drive on another 500 kms :

There she is , outside at last !! Clementine sits on a wooden barrier in front of the tent .

CO6 001Brief halt near Lago of Como where some young friends have a circus and a circus school “Spazzio Bizzaro” CO15 001 Standing with Nicola Bruni Cecilia Fumanelli , Mario Militano and daughter and Marta …

Let’s go on further west : same kind of universe  but near Torino  and  bigger circus , bigger circus school . Circo Vertigo in Grugliasco , I worked there for a year in 2010 and passed by to say hullo to the director Paolo Stratta and his team .

This place organises a beautiful Circus Festival in July CO14 001

And now bye bye Italy , I’m driving off to France to go and visit Friends next to Grenoble .

Here they are :

C07 001

This above is Zabo … My friend , my eternal friend … and my first friend  : we have known each other for 53 years … nothing to comment , time speaks for itself in the matter of friendship.

Look at this

CO10 001

That’s mum … another 350 kms between the last two pictures . All information about my mother you will find in this very blog… She goes under the name of June .

Then I went back up north again , still in France though and made a halt in Besancon where I was kindly invited to participate in an event about Light …. called LUX and organised by “La grosse Entreprise” … There happened to be quite a few friends on the festival , amongst whom Fred Touch (with the guitar) and Jg Tartare (with the beard) …. It was great to have a longer chat with these guys …

CO5 001

Problem in our business is that we only meet a few minutes a years even if it has been 15 or 20 years that we have known each other … So … well …. but … I suppose that#s the way it is …

CO 2 001

Yes that’s Paris , I skipped right over there while I was in Lorraine … All part of the same tour . I needed to greet a 95 year old friend , so from Metz with the TGV you can be in Paris in a hour .

C09 001

I think this is a picture of something in Metz but I cannot say what . It is the first time I use this camera and I have had some strange surprises .


This is definitely Strasbourg because it is written SEMENCERIE which is a huge place full of Artists, sculptors, painters, dancers you name it , puppet players etc … I went there on the “open doors” event to kiss some friends such as Joseph Kieffer and Marie Pan Nappey and hang out … A great place , we need more of those … But people take all that for granted , as if it was not unique or special or precious … It is only when the doors close that you realise how big the dream was …

Reaching the end of the trip now …

Somewhere in Alsace as I was driving away , back up to Berlin …CO4 001

It took a while to overtake those …..